What we do

Paul and Philomena Hanson

Paul and Philomena Hanson

Victoria Arts Marketing is dedicated to the publication of theatre, opera and concert house programmes in Victoria, British Columbia.

The mandate for Victoria Arts Marketing is to provide Victoria’s performing arts community with an affordable house programme in order for these groups to channel precious arts dollars onto the stage, into audience education opportunities and special occasions.

Philomena Hanson launched VAM in 1991. At the time it was a division of Monday Publications. She took over sole ownership in 1998. As the VAM Publisher Ms. Hanson is responsible for display ad sales, liaison with each arts group in regards to programme content, the graphic designer and printer. She also handles office administrative duties. She is assisted in all areas by associate publisher, Paul Hanson.

What do we offer?

Advertisers appreciate the efficiency of dealing with VAM, as it is a “one-stop shopping” experience when they choose an ad campaign targeting Victoria theatre audiences. If you want to profile your company, advertise a service or market an event please get in touch.

VAM currently rents office space at Raincoast Business Centre (1027 Pandora  Street) and contracts the services of graphic designer, Rhonda Ganz.

Office: (250) 418-3250

Mobile: (778) 679-6640

Text: (778) 679-6640

Email: vicarts@vicarts.com


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